Welcome to Steig

A cozy guesthouse with first rate accommodations, Icelandic home-cooking and superb hospitality. Located by Highway 1 in the South of Iceland. Extremely well positioned for hiking and sight-seeing: Dyrhólaey promontory, Mżrdal­sjök­ull glacier, Žakgil, Reyn­is­fjall mountain and the shore, Cape Hjörleifs­höfši, and Skógar museum, to name a few.


We are open all year round.


Contact us: 

+354 487 4660, info@guesthousesteig.is , Steig, 871, Vik. 

Contact us  
Phone number
 +354 487 4660
Places of interest
Dyrholaey trips
Skogasafn (folk museum)
Brydebud (museum)
Žakgil (hiking and camping)
Vegageršin (road conditions)
Vešurstofan (weather forecast)
Jonas Erlendsson (nearby photos)
Vikurprjon (local craft)